Goldman Sachs Summer Intern Insights — Volume 2

This summer has come with new challenges, but our interns are staying positive by leaning in and making things possible. We’ve been checking in through our Summer Intern Insights series, which gathers their real time reflections on our virtual summer program. Take a look at what they had to say as we approach the fourth week of the program:  

What opportunities have you had to make things possible for the firm, our people, our clients or the communities where we live and work?

Investment Banking intern, London

“I've been granted numerous opportunities to make things possible in cooperation with my team, as I've been working on multiple mandates, including an ongoing transaction.

I've also seen how the people at Goldman Sachs interact with each other. Everyone, from senior managing directors to recent hires, was keen to connect with me, and showed interest in myself and my internship. This proved a valuable insight into the firm and its people.”


Operations intern, Singapore

“I’ve found it quite amazing how the open culture at Goldman Sachs has helped me form connections with people who I have not yet met in person. This environment is ideal for not only productivity, but also the exchanging of ideas and breeding of talents, and I'm excited to immerse myself into this culture as fully as possible.”

Investment Banking intern, Chicago

“By learning from and connecting with my team, I have been able to actively contribute towards supporting Goldman Sachs’ clients. I look forward to continuing to work with my team and participating in Community TeamWorks events to give back to the community.”

Investment Banking intern, New York

“I have always been interested in the workings of consumer and retail companies, and through assignments I have undertaken, I have learned a lot—especially from the regular virtual meetings I’ve had with team members, who are tirelessly ready to answer any questions I have.

I have learned to appreciate how quality work, partnership and integrity allow us to serve our clients in the best way possible. I intend to continue learning as much as possible, all while emulating the traits above, with the aim of providing more valuable input to my team and to our clients.”

Did you learn something new about the firm or yourself this week?

Consumer and Investment Management intern, Seattle

“I've learned how Goldman Sachs' values are key to the way the firm operates and how it is committed to fostering a collaborative culture.”


Corporate and Workplace Solutions intern, Jersey City

“I appreciate how many people have asked me about my interests, and what my thoughts are on certain things. The people at Goldman Sachs care deeply about aligning employees with their interests, and always want to dive deeper into intellectual curiosity and collaboration.”

Executive Office intern, New York

“I'm starting to finally adjust to the work from home life and get in the groove of how to ask for feedback on projects. These past few weeks have highlighted the value of feedback and the importance of proactively reaching out to colleagues to connect."

Consumer and Investment Management intern, Salt Lake City

“I was amazed by the commitment the firm has to Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives which is something that I´m really passionate about. So, it has been incredible being able to learn and connect with individuals that share that same passion and are making things possible.”


We’ll be checking in with our interns throughout the summer, so stay tuned. In the meantime, our summer 2021 applications are now open. See yourself here, and apply today