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29 Apr 2022

International Girls in ICT Day: Women Engineers in Asia Pacific Share Their Stories

Jia Mao, sponsor of the Asia Pacific Women in Engineering Network, and co-heads of the network Mariko Wakao, Kim Cheah and Jenny Du discuss their career journeys in engineering, the challenges they have faced and their best advice.

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27 Aug 2020

A Spotlight on Building Resilience

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27 May 2020

The “Big Rock, Pebble, Sand” Analogy – and Other Tips for Success

Three of our Goldman Sachs colleagues share their best practices for success – ranging from thinking strategically and helping to further their teams’ goals to balancing competing priorities and “managing up.”

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07 May 2020

When Your First Day of Work is WFH

During a period of significant change, at Goldman Sachs we recognize a unique population experiencing a “new normal” – our recent joiners. We asked some of our recent hires what it’s been like joining the firm at this time. Here’s what they had to say...

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22 Apr 2020

Goldman Sachs’ Global Medical Director on How We Adjust to the ‘New Normal’

We sat down with Dr. Michael Rendel, the firm’s global medical director, to discuss how we can stay healthy – and build resilience – as we all adjust to the ‘new normal.’

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16 Apr 2020

10 Tips for Managers Leading Through Challenging Times

Members of our Learning team in Human Capital Management provide tips for managers to keep in mind during these challenging times.

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10 May 2019

Dane Holmes: Choose Positivity

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Thierry Sancier
Dane Holmes
03 Oct 2018

Advice: How to Make Your Next Hackathon a Major Success

Hackathons present an opportunity to impress potential employers with your skills, knowledge and collaboration. Goldman Sachs participates in a number of hackathons during the school year where students can meet our engineers and recruiters.

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19 Mar 2018

Advice: Your Guide to Helpful Information on Goldman Sachs

A convenient list of where you can find more information on Goldman Sachs.

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Ken Hitchner
Misty Bailey
Steve Strongin
Celine-Marie Mechain
08 Feb 2017

Q&A with Dane E. Holmes

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21 Dec 2016

5 Questions with Sheila Patel, Investment Management Division

Sheila Patel, CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management International, shares what she’s hearing from clients around the globe, gives advice on mobility and why it’s important to follow through on your commitments.

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11 Nov 2016

Life Hacks from a Veteran

Drew Peterson, a vice president in the Technology Division, shares five tips on transitioning to a civilian career.

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Heather Mulahasani
15 Sep 2016

Article: How to Become an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Global Head of Recruiting Mike Desmarais shares tips on how to get hired as an Investment Banking summer analyst at Goldman Sachs. Learn more about the opportunity, interview process and best practices in Bloomberg’s Cheat Sheet.

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Isabelle Ealet
03 Aug 2016

Ask the Former Interns - Staying in Touch

Our five former interns talk about ways to stay in touch with your colleagues during the school year in the final edition of our intern advice series.

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29 Jul 2016

Article: Building a Successful Women’s Network

Paget MacColl, co-head of the Goldman Sachs Firmwide Women’s Network, shares the firm’s approach to encouraging employee engagement with the network and advancing the dialogue on gender in the workplace.

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28 Jul 2016

Article: What You Need to Know about the Goldman Sachs Superday

A new article by eFinancialCareers highlights the final step in our campus recruiting process—attending a Superday of in-person interviews at the firm. Get tips on how to prepare for the Goldman Sachs Superday and make the most of the opportunity.

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20 Jul 2016

Ask the Former Interns - Networking

Networking is an integral part of developing a meaningful and fulfilling career. Hear five former Goldman Sachs interns reflect on how to build a lasting network in the fifth edition of our intern advice series.

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06 Jul 2016

Ask the Former Interns - Receiving Feedback

Five former Goldman Sachs interns provide their tips for receiving and acting on feedback in a new edition of our intern advice series.

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22 Jun 2016

Ask the Former Interns - Hitting the Desk

Former Goldman Sachs interns share tips on hitting the desk with confidence in the third edition of our internship advice series.

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Julie Silverman
08 Jun 2016

Ask the Former Interns - Orientation and Training

In the second edition of our internship advice series, five former Goldman Sachs interns offer advice on making the most out of orientation and learning opportunities.

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25 May 2016

New Series: Ask the Former Interns - Preparing for Your Internship

In the first edition of a six-part intern advice series, former interns who now work in our offices around the world share words of wisdom on how to prepare for an internship at Goldman Sachs.

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Wendy Yun
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