Goldman Sachs Summer Intern Insights — Volume 2

This summer, Goldman Sachs interns are making things possible across the firm and around the world – as well as making time for networking, events, and more.

We’ve been checking in through our Summer Intern Insights series, which gathers real time reflections on what our interns are loving most about the program. Take a look at what they had to say as we approach the mid-point of the summer:  

What have been some of your favorite moments from your time at the firm so far? Tell us about any particular events, speakers or people you've met.


Global Investment Research, London

"The introductory session to the Global Investment Research FX team by one of its leaders sparked my interest in the foreign exchange field even more, to the point that I could well imagine myself working in this exact area."

Consumer and Wealth Management, Houston

"I have enjoyed participating in training sessions with the new full-time hires on my team. The other team members have done a great job patiently, but thoroughly teaching us."

Engineering, Dallas

"Having the opportunity to act as the representative of the sky-team when alerting high skylab spenders. I got to join several calls with leaders of various teams to explain how they can drive down skylab account costs."

Engineering, London

"Being able to demo what I had been working on all week to the rest of my team and receive feedback/suggestions on it. Also having many opportunities to meet with other summer interns."


What skills are you currently learning, working on or sharpening throughout your internship? How have your mentors helped in that process?

Corporate Treasury, Salt Lake City

"Getting more comfortable with Corporate Treasury projections terminology. When I first came into the office, I was presented with a glossary of hundreds of terms, but after a couple of days, I quickly caught on to some of the main acronyms and their underlying concepts."

Consumer and Wealth Management, Atlanta

"Learning about the Tax-Advantaged Core Strategies (TACS)! Every week we are given a different asset class to study, and I was specifically tasked with the GS: Tax Advantaged Loss Harvesting strategy. I have loved embracing that challenge and this week I delivered one of my best presentations yet. Equipping myself with this depth of knowledge will serve me well in the finance world and life at large."


CWS Engineering, India

"I learned quite a lot during my internship. Technically, I got introduced to AWS for the first time and got to learn and work with several services it provides. I got to collaborate and work as a team on a real use case which gave me an added responsibility. My mentors and the entire team have been really supportive, and helped me with my doubts or any issues I faced."


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