Advice from Chad Levant, Internal Audit

28 JUL 2016

Meet Chad Levant, a managing director in Internal Audit and the co-chair of the Finance Hispanic/Latino Network at Goldman Sachs. Below, Chad shares five pieces of advice that he would give his younger self.

1) Put yourself in your managers’ shoes. Try to see things from their perspective, and work to be a part of their solution.

2) Get a good night’s sleep. Save that emotionally charged e-mail response as a draft and come back to it well rested and with a fresh perspective. This tends to result in a rewrite that will be much more constructive.

3) Comfort is the enemy. You may not be pushing yourself if you’re comfortable. Learn how to live outside of your zone and not be afraid of the unknown.

4) Know your audience. It's important to be an expert at what you do and know the details, but it's as important to know how to communicate that information to others.

5) Respect is the most valuable of commodities. Learn how to connect with people and build lasting relationships. Treat them as you’d have them treat you.