Advice from Heather Mulahasani, Merchant Banking Division

11 OCT 2016

Heather Mulahasani, a managing director in the firm’s Merchant Banking Division, shares five pieces of advice that she would give to her younger self:

1) Dare to be different. Nothing new or unique ever comes from copying a template. Speak up, share ideas, listen to others and be willing to do things differently. A diversity of voices can foster new and positive outcomes.

2) Focus on what you care about. Focus on what you really need, and fight hard for what you believe in. But you can’t fight for everything – many times you need to be flexible. 

3) Don't sweat the small stuff. This can be difficult to remember, but find a way to let go of the many small frustrations that can build up in a long day. You need to come back the next morning energized and focused on the things that truly matter.

4) No one can succeed alone. You will achieve more with a strong team around you. Surround yourself with smart and motivated people who can help you deliver more on the job.  

5) Believers achieve. Don't leave room for any self-doubt. Set a high bar for yourself and work hard towards your goals.