Advice from Joerg Kukies, Securities

12 SEP 2016

Joerg Kukies is co-chairman of the Executive Board of Germany and Austria. In this role, he shares overall responsibility for the firm’s business across this region.

Joerg shares five pieces of advice that he would give his younger self:

1) Train your replacement. It’s a counterintuitive concept, but by bringing up a colleague to take on your current responsibilities, you can move on to greater things more quickly.

2) Be a salesperson. Regardless of your division, the quality of service that you provide to your internal and external clients is the single best predictor of your success over the next 10 years.

3) Think long term. While the financial services industry can be characterized by constant change, you will find that many of the clients you serve today will still be your clients – but in more senior positions – five, 10 or 15 years from now.

4) Look for potential. Every candidate that you interview today may become your best colleague – or your best client – tomorrow.

5) Share your goals. Be thoughtful about your aspirations and ambitions. Take time to think about your career, and don’t keep your plans to yourself.