Advice: Thierry Sancier, Investment Banking Division, France

02 MAY 2019

Thierry Sancier is a managing director in the Industrials Group within our Investment Banking Division in Paris. He shares five pieces of advice that he would give his younger self: 

1. Live a very full life. Work hard and play hard. It is of paramount importance to make the most of your time with your family, friends and community. People, colleagues and clients enjoy spending time and working with human beings who have a life and centers of interest outside of business.

2. Go out and break down walls. Spend time with people and clients outside of the office. It's demanding, but also exciting, because there is a world of opportunities out there. Also look to create bridges with other offices and divisions, break down silos and create the opportunity to work with different people with different backgrounds -- international and cross-divisional partnerships will never disappoint you.

3. Remember, entrepreneur is a French word. Make it your mission to create and embrace new challenges. It is an extraordinary reward to lead by example and conquer new commercial territories. You will sometimes feel like you're on your own, climbing a north face, but over time you'll realize that you are not alone, and teamwork can make impossible things happen.

4. Never take no for an answer. There will be no shortage of obstacles on the road ahead. Even in a very agile organisation such as Goldman Sachs, change can often be difficult to implement. And clients who don’t know Goldman Sachs and don’t know you may say no before saying yes. Be resilient, believe in your strengths and the power of our brand and values -- good things happen to good people who have good ideas.

5. Take care of your people. Your peers, junior team members and assistants are everything and you are nothing without them. Stay reachable and available. Be generous with your time and attention. They will welcome your advice and are the future of the firm. Be fun, make your working environment enjoyable -- you seem to have a good sense of humor, so don’t lose it.