Advice from Valentino Carlotti, Human Capital Management Division

29 MAR 2017

Valentino Carlotti, a partner in our Human Capital Management Division, is global business partner for the Investment Banking and Merchant Banking Divisions, and shares five pieces of advice that he would give to his younger self.

1) Focus. When beginning a career, many people have a tendency to stay general and to not commit to any one thing. Fight this instinct. Become an expert and be known for it. The steps to becoming an expert enhance adaptability and versatility and will provide a strong foundation from which to do other things. It is easier for an expert to go more general than the other way around. 

2) Develop and hone your communication skills. When speaking with stakeholders, frame your point crisply, provide context, and clearly define your ask or what needs to be done or decided. It’s a skill you can develop by being deliberate and prepared. Those who do it well inspire confidence, improve their access and find it easier to influence outcomes.

3) Engage proactively. Err on the side of action, consultation and engagement. To execute successfully, it is critical to share what you’re going to do, provide updates while you’re doing, and close the loop when you’re done. In doing so, think beyond your immediate area of reporting. What you know, learn, and do is relevant to a wider audience than you may think, so share aggressively. When you do, you will be amazed at what you get back and the additional relationships you build.

4) Think like an owner, act like a peer. If you adopt an ownership mindset, you will be compelled to be solutions-oriented. You will be more creative, think more thoroughly, develop more ideas and commercial solutions, and accrue more responsibility. At all times, view yourself as an equally important part of the team as anyone else, junior or senior, and act accordingly. Adopting this approach will develop your confidence and enhance your impact, and others will take notice.

5) Know thyself. Know what opportunities, development, and rewards you want. Align your work and personal life with that vision and accept the gives and takes that come along with your decisions. There are often predictable consequences to the choices you make, and when you align how you spend your time with your values, you become ready to accept them. When it comes to your career, assume it’s up to you and plan accordingly. There will be help along the way of course, but prepare and plan as if there won’t be. Be resolved and confident in following what is right for you. You own your career and your path.