Former Intern Shares Experiences as a Campus Ambassador Lead

08 AUG 2016

Mark is a former intern and new analyst in the firm’s Investment Banking Division. He reveals his favorite memories from the internship, advice for future interns, and what it was like to be a Campus Ambassador Lead on behalf of Goldman Sachs.

What were your favorite highlights from your internship at Goldman Sachs?
My favorite moments took place during two client-related trips, one to Maryland for a sell-side site visit, and the second to Ontario for a principal investment due diligence trip. As a junior banker, these trips provided great insight into two important types of transactions we execute. In Maryland, we showed prospective buyers a power plant to aid their bid construction process, while introducing them to our management team. In Ontario, we executed preliminary technical due diligence for a principal investment on behalf of the firm. These experiences brought my classroom learnings to life in real-world transactions – observing senior bankers negotiating with clients and mitigating risk to the firm’s capital. Beyond professional development, both of these travel experiences helped me forge a bond with fellow team members outside of the office. These types of meaningful connections cannot be replicated in the office.

What’s the one piece of advice from your internship that you would pass on to future interns?
Have a good attitude. While it may sound obvious, it is vital to understand how your emotions can affect you and your work. When receiving critical feedback, it is tempting to let it get to you. Analysts on my team who were able to internalize feedback and be constructive about their performance were the ones who improved the most and found success. A positive framework helps you think about your performance and approach future situations with the hindsight of past learnings.

What were your responsibilities as a Campus Ambassador Lead for Goldman Sachs?
One of my favorite aspects of my summer experience was meeting many of the incredible people at the firm. Serving as a Campus Ambassador Lead gave me the opportunity to identify and promote candidates that would contribute positively to the firm’s culture and community. I worked with the Human Capital Management Division and a team of Campus Ambassadors to connect with a diverse group of undergraduates interested in a career at Goldman Sachs. We primarily hosted one-on-one coffee chats to provide every candidate with the opportunity to bring up questions they might not have felt as comfortable asking in a more formal setting. Many students are eager to learn how to navigate the application process, as there are so many roles at Goldman Sachs. As a Campus Ambassador Lead, I helped students understand which divisions and locations would be the best fit for them; I then connected students with professionals at the firm who could provide insights into specific groups.