Advice from Christina Minnis, Investment Banking Division

24 OCT 2017
christina minnis

Christina Minnis, a partner in our Investment Banking Division, is global head of Acquisition Finance and co-head of the Americas Credit Finance Group. She shares five pieces of advice that she would give her younger self:

1.)  Listen more – Don’t be the first to speak in meetings. Listen to what others are saying, read their body language, and remember that everyone at the table has unique insights to share and learn from them.

2.) Slow down and focus – It’s not about how fast you get a task completed, it’s about getting to the best result. You also need to pick a specialty. In high school and college, you explore many things through coursework, sports, clubs and other extra-curricular activities. As your career progresses, pick a few things and be brilliant at them. Let go of the notion that you need to be all things to all people.

3.) Seek constant feedback – The best and most valuable feedback you can get is from your team, the people who are with you in the trenches. Build a trusted relationship with your junior team members and be relentless about asking what you can do better.

4.) Read for fun – Don’t allow all of your reading to be for work. Always keep a book handy; even if it’s only a page a day or a chapter a week, feed your intellect and gain new perspectives.

5.) Invest in your network immediately – I waited years before I really invested in my network, but some of the most valuable contacts can come from the first years of your career. Nurture those relationships and go out of your way to make time for these people far earlier than you might think helpful or necessary.