Goldman Sachs Engineering Presents at Devoxx US 2017

25 APR 2017

A Goldman Sachs Engineering team represented the firm at the 2017 Devoxx US Conference. The team presented on robotics and Java programming languages at the conference’s first US event, held in San Jose, CA from March 21-23. The team also demonstrated self-built robots that are sent commands via social media and presented at the Devoxx4Kids program held on March 19.

Devoxx Conference Sessions:

Robots for the Kid in All of Us

This was a fun and interactive session which comprised of using Lego® Mindstorms® EV3s to solve a variety of problems. An elevator was live-programmed to demonstrate the ease with which day-to-day systems can be replicated and come to life. The EV3s were programmed to solve a maze using Djikstra’s Algorithm, showcasing the creative techniques available to downscale a system in the age of the Internet of Things. The final demonstration constituted of robots controlled via a Twitter feed, with the audience tweeting commands to the robots.

Eclipse Collections Kata

Goldman Sachs joined the Eclipse Foundation as a solutions member in October 2015, when GS Collections was migrated to the Eclipse Foundation and re-named Eclipse Collections. The kata is a fun and informative way of learning Eclipse Collections. It was set up with a series of failing unit tests that the participants were expected to pass by applying the concepts discussed in the slides of the kata. (JDK, Eclipse, Guava, Apache...)

There are numerous third party open source libraries that complement or supplement the Java Collections Framework. But how are developers supposed to isolate and pick and choose the correct collections framework for their needs? The main aim of the session was to implement a common use case using different collections frameworks and look at the performance and fluency within each framework that helps the developers write code.

Devoxx4Kids Conference Sessions:

Building an elevator using Lego® Mindstorms® EV3s

Kids were introduced to the basic principles of building a robot with devices they interact with regularly. Participants were asked to build an elevator and program it to travel between different floors. The aim of the program was to familiarize children with technology, engineering and robotics and help to capture their interests in programming at an early age.

The team was proud to present at Devoxx’s first US conference.

“Devoxx US gave us a great platform to showcase our work to the broader developer community. The experience and feedback we received was rewarding and invigorating,” said Nikhil, an engineer in Private Wealth Management Technology. “It was great to see the community so excited about the firm’s innovative work and I have a lot of information to share with my colleagues.”

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