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Open source solutions have changed the way people are thinking about software and hardware alike. Tap into our insights on the open source movement and learn more about our involvement with the open source community.

Q&A with Pierre De Belen on our Open Source Platform, Legend
We speak with Pierre De Belen, head architect of Goldman Sachs’ Legend, to learn more about the open-source data management platform and why it’s considered a game-changer for the industry.
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Goldman Sachs Releases New Open Source Projects on GitHub
Goldman Sachs has launched three of its latest open source projects – Jrpip, Obevo and Tablasco – on GitHub.  
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Goldman Sachs Announces Release of Reladomo into Open Source
Goldman Sachs has officially launched its latest Apache 2.0 licensed Java Framework, Reladomo, on GitHub and Maven Central.
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Goldman Sachs Leads Enterprise Efforts in Container Technology
On June 22, 2015, Goldman Sachs joined The Linux Foundation’s Open Container Initiative, a coalition of technology firms working to establish open industry standards for software containers.
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Goldman Sachs Joins Eclipse Foundation
Goldman Sachs joined the open source community, the Eclipse Foundation. As a solutions member, we will migrate our open source Java library, GS Collections, which will be renamed Eclipse Collections. The migration will allow the open source community to contribute to—and benefit from—our work.
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