Advice: Elizabeth Overbay, Consumer & Commercial Banking Division

05 OCT 2018

Elizabeth Overbay is chief operating officer of the Consumer & Commercial Banking Division (CCBD) at Goldman Sachs. CCBD includes Marcus by Goldman Sachs, the firm's online consumer lending and deposits business. She shares advice about embracing change.

1. Collect skills and experiences the way kids collect baseball cards – to put together a complete set. Find satisfaction in a job well done, and cultivate skills that you can apply broadly rather than just the skills you think you need, so that you’re ready to take on a new opportunity when it arises. 

2. Planning too much can limit your vision. It’s tempting to think that a plan gives you control, and it’s certainly important to think ahead. Planning, though, makes it too easy to miss new opportunities, particularly since the things that make you successful at the beginning of your career may not be what will make you successful later. Be open to unexpected opportunities.

3. It’s always about the people. When I started college, I was told that the most boring course with the best professor was always better than the most interesting course with the worst professor. It was good advice then, and it’s been true throughout my career – the most important part of any job is the people. Look for people from whom you can learn. People you can follow. People with whom you can laugh. People who will see opportunities for you and care enough about you to nudge you towards them.

4. Don’t look back. When you take on a new role, jump in with both feet. It doesn’t mean you won’t miss your old job and your old team. If you’re lucky, you always will.