Interns Meet Our Next Chairman and CEO, David Solomon, During an ‘Explore GS’ Session

On the day after being named successor to Lloyd Blankfein as the Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, the firm’s current President and COO, sat down with interns for an Explore GS session. The Explore GS series provides our interns around the world with insights and advice from leaders across the firm.

The session covered many topics, as David talked about how he came to join Goldman Sachs, the advice he gives people at the start of their careers, and his passion for music.

A few of the highlights from the conversation:

On why someone should start their career at Goldman Sachs:
“We do and we will continue to invest a lot in people to come here out of school to train them, to introduce them to all sorts of really, really smart people that are going on to do wonderful things in the world, to give them mentoring - mentorship, guidance and experience.”

On the early years of one’s career:
“It's a time of self-exploration, of growth and my advice is go to a great place, work for great people, learn a bunch, grow, develop, see how you feel.” 

On the importance of outside-of-work interests:
“I think it's very important you have something or some things that you do as you go through your career and your life to clear your head.”

On DJ-ing and producing music:
“The skill becomes curating music and the cool thing becomes producing your own music.  I've got my track up on Spotify. I remixed Fleetwood Mac's, "Don't Stop". … I’m up to about 1.3 million streams.”