Goldman Sachs Recognized as Outstanding Employer at Annual Navy Event

Kenyon Kellogg, a vice president based in Boston, recently represented the firm at the annual Navy Employer Recognition Event, where Goldman Sachs was named an Outstanding Civilian Employer. Here he discusses his Naval career, how he joined Goldman Sachs, and the shared values between the two institutions. 

Can you tell us about your  time in the Navy and what led you to Goldman Sachs?
When I joined the United States Navy in 1999, I entered as an ensign and newly commissioned officer. By the time I joined Goldman Sachs in 2012 I had earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander. I flew fighter jets for the Navy for thirteen years, taking off from aircraft carriers and heading into harm’s way. I’m fortunate to have returned home safely along with my airplane and crew every time. I sought out Goldman Sachs after my service because of the shared values of the organizations. While the US Navy and Goldman Sachs are different institutions, they both hold integrity, honor, courage and commitment in the highest regard.

Goldman Sachs offers resources to veterans and our colleagues who are current service members. How have you taken advantage of the firm’s support for service members, reservists and veteran employees?
After joining the firm in 2012, I was mobilized for 12 months between the summers of 2015 and 2016. The firm allowed me to step away from my job to fulfill my service, and I was confident that the firm would have my back when I returned. The support I received for my service allowed me to focus on my responsibilities, and I cannot thank Goldman Sachs enough. I hope all leaders across industries and firms continue to recognize and support service members trying to balance responsibilities in the office with their national duty.

You recently represented the firm at the Navy Employer Recognition Event, where Goldman Sachs was named an Outstanding Civilian Employer for exceptional support of Navy Reserve Sailors. Can you tell us about the event?
The annual event recognizes companies for their outstanding commitment to current and former servicemembers. This specific recognition came from the Navy, but Goldman Sachs has been and continues to be exemplary in their commitment to armed forces servicemembers. The day was full of camaraderie and appreciation.

What words of advice would you offer veterans who are looking to begin a career in the private sector?
Continue to work hard. Communicate openly with those around you. Don’t be shy, and don’t forget your most important values from service: your integrity, your work ethic, and your ability to accomplish the mission. As both a United States Navy Reservist and Goldman Sachs vice president, I encourage you to look at opportunities with the firm.