Goldman Sachs Joins Eclipse Foundation

27 OCT 2015

Goldman Sachs joined the open source community, the Eclipse Foundation. As a solutions member, we will migrate our open source Java library, GS Collections, which will be renamed Eclipse Collections. The migration will allow the open source community to contribute to—and benefit from—our work.

Goldman Sachs and the Eclipse Foundation will provide training sessions for Eclipse Collections at both JavaOne and EclipseCon Europe in the coming months.

“We are excited about the migration of GS Collections to the Eclipse Foundation as it represents an important evolution of the GS Collections project. We value our partnership with Eclipse Foundation and hope the open community of contributors and committers will continue to grow around the Eclipse Collections project,” said Moh Rezaei, vice president at Goldman Sachs and a creator of GS Collections.

Visit Eclipse Collections for migration announcements, updated documentation and new releases.

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