Goldman Sachs Releases New Open Source Projects on GitHub

19 JUL 2017

Goldman Sachs has launched three of its latest open source projects – Jrpip, Obevo and Tablasco – on GitHub. 


Jrpip implements remote interface method invocation which allows different Java processes to interact with one another. The product was designed to increase developer efficiency by providing useful features, such as the ability to deploy in any servlet container, interface implementation that doesn’t require RemoteException and automatic retries with once-execute semantics. Additionally, Jrpip uses an efficient binary protocol that is streamed, reducing memory consumption and garbage collector issues. “We hope the open source community finds Jrpip to be a useful Java library,” said Mohammad, a vice president and technology fellow in the Technology Division. “With Jrpip, the developers can concentrate on their code instead of worrying about network plumbing and TCP errors.”


Obevo is a database deployment tool that helps teams manage database changes in their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process. In addition to handling production deployments, Obevo aids the development phase by defining a clean structure to maintain DB object code, and helps the testing phase with features such as in-memory database conversion. Notably, Obevo was designed for systems of enterprise scale and complexity and can manage hundreds of DB objects in a schema, while still handling new schemas in a simple manner. “We feel our ability to onboard a large and long-lived system to a clean SDLC process is a key differentiator in the open source space,” said Shant, a vice president in the Technology Division. “By publishing this to the open source community, we hope to aid others in their own DB deployment estates while growing a strong community around the tool.”


Tablasco is a JUnit rule that adds table verification to unit tests. For software products that produce large amounts of data, this tool can help to create automated tests that are both comprehensive and easy to maintain. Users only need to adapt their existing data to a table format that Tablasco understands. “Every test produces a color-coded HTML break report, which helps users quickly identify the issue,” said Barry, a vice president in the Technology Division. Furthermore, Tablasco features automated baseline management, allowing users to easily update the baseline file of a failing test.

Learn more about Jrpip, Obevo and Tablasco by visiting Goldman Sachs on GitHub.

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