Ask the Recruiters – Navigating these Uncertain Times

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, our global recruiting team has been hard at work creating new ways to stay connected virtually with you.

From virtual networking and events to interviews and staying in touch, we gathered tips and advice from our recruiters across the globe on how to navigate this dynamic period. Check out what they have to say:


Ranjani, Experienced Hire Recruiter, Bengaluru

"There are 5 helpful tips for networking in general that I personally believe is still relevant for virtual networking:

1. If you are joining a chat conversation, be proactive and have your intro ready ahead of time
2. Plan a few key questions to show you’ve done your research
3. Join groups specific to your industry to gain additional insights that might help with your conversations
4. Bring a positive attitude
5. Follow up wherever possible"



Abby, Engineering Campus Recruiter, Dallas

“As we move into more virtual recruitment practices, there are several upsides for candidates given you can network, chat, and attend sessions right at home – so definitely take advantage if you can.”

Michelle, Engineering Campus Recruiter, Singapore

“Be an active participant where you can – be it via live Q&A, or writing in questions – as always, we want to hear from you.” 

James, Securities Campus Recruiter, Hong Kong

“Be patient because sometimes the connection will lag and can lead to talking over one another. Certain platforms have a “raise hand” function to indicate you’d like to ask a question. Ensure you have an appropriate user name, not a nickname – being thoughtful about these small things, just like you would at an in-person event, goes a long way.”

Maddie, University Relations, London

“More specific to video chats, there are a few different considerations to keep in mind:

1. Ensure you have a notepad and pen handy to write down useful info
2. Try to join the event from a quiet room where you won’t have any distraction
3. Join the meeting on time
4. Don’t forget to smile if you’re on video conference – let your enthusiasm show!”



Walter, head of University Relations, New York

“I would encourage students to prepare for a video interview in the same way they would a live interview – be prepared to tell your story, showcase your personal brand and think about questions to ask. While the medium may be different, the objectives of the interview are the same.”

Raziq-Omar, Engineering Campus Recruiter, New York

“Always dress for the interview – you will feel more prepared and confident.”

Radek, Engineering Experienced Hire Recruiter, Warsaw

“Test your software before the interview. Make sure you’re familiar with the settings and menus in case you need to make adjustments during the interview. Also, try to limit internet traffic at home during your interview to avoid lag disruptions. Lastly, keep the recruiter contact details handy in case technical issues prevent you from completing the interview and flag immediately so that we can help you reconnect or reschedule.”

Staying in Touch

Hailey, CIMD Experienced Hire Recruiter, Hong Kong

“Check in with recruiters on a frequent but reasonable basis with a quick note – a good time is when you have some new updates on your job search or want to explore new opportunities. Referring other qualified candidates to recruiters is also a good way to keep the network and help you to foster a mutually beneficial relationship.”

Jessica, Engineering Campus Recruiter, New York

“We are still here for our candidates as we were pre-COVID-19, so pick up the phone as you would have done and speak to us!”

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