Goldman Sachs Announces Release of Reladomo into Open Source

11 OCT 2016

Goldman Sachs has officially launched its latest Apache 2.0 licensed Java Framework, Reladomo, on GitHub and Maven Central.

Reladomo, which stands for “Relational Domain Objects”, is the firm’s enterprise grade object-relational mapping framework for Java. The firm has also released two programming “katas” for Reladomo. The katas are training exercises intended to help Java developers become familiar with the framework.

“Reladomo is an important part of our Java programming stack at Goldman Sachs. We are giving back to the programming community so that others can take what we’ve done, use it and help us evolve it. We hope to grow a vibrant community around the framework,” said Mohammad Rezaei, a Technology Fellow at Goldman Sachs and creator of Reladomo. The firm’s Technology Fellow designation is awarded to senior engineers for their leadership, vision and contributions to the firm.

Goldman Sachs engineers unveiled Reladomo at the JavaOne 2016 Conference in San Francisco. 

Learn more about Reladomo and how to start a project by visiting Goldman Sachs on GitHub.

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