A Day in the Life

Here, I style my life
around hard work
and growth

"I spend my days focused on building strong relationships with our institutional clients, which include corporations, financial service providers and fund managers. My role within Structured Finance Investing and Lending is to help our clients buy and sell financial products on exchanges around the world, raise funding, and manage risk. I’ve had the opportunity to help build this team from the ground up in Dallas when it expanded here from New York. After work, I may spend time on my blog about modest fashion, take a class at my favorite spin studio, or enjoy a family dinner."


o Coffee from a local shop – I love exploring new ones!

o Emails and catch up with my colleagues

o Start on high priority tasks


o Calls with our clients and/or syndication partners

o Meet with our internal committee on relevant issues or approvals for the week

o Lunch with a colleague


o Project work to enhance the business and its processes

o Action all client related tasks

o Catch a spin class

o Family dinner

When I’m not at my desk during the day…

I can be found meeting with a mentor/mentee or with the Women’s Network. The firm’s networks have been an amazing source of colleagues and mentors for me over the last five years. The Dallas Women’s Network hosts insightful events that have cultivated important conversations among colleagues, and I love attending the network’s events and connecting with friends from different divisions. 

Skills to be successful in my role…

Time management, ability to network, adaptability 

Best advice I’ve received at GS…

The best advice I received was to always be open to opportunities that come up and keep an open mind. Don’t be scared to walk into a challenging or changing environment – it’s a chance to showcase your skills and make a difference. This has helped me, especially since mobility has been a big part of my GS experience where I have been fortunate to have managers who have encouraged my development and growth.

I started my career at the firm in Operations and moved to my current team within Global Markets. We also moved offices from Irving to downtown Dallas, which has helped me feel part of a broader community and fostered easier relationship building. 

How I’d describe my team dynamic…

I would describe them as entrepreneurial, yet collaborative with the ability to thrive in fast-paced and changing environments.  The Structured Finance Investing and Lending team has members from diverse backgrounds who were brought together to promote substantial growth within our business line. Through new tools and technologies, we are constantly enhancing our processes and realizing efficiencies — these are central for our internal risk management and strengthening client relationships. 

Who I am makes me better at what I do…

I run a modest fashion blog on Instagram – I love the creativity of storytelling through styling, photography and writing.  Most of all, I love being able to connect with people all over the world. In a way, the thoughtfulness that goes into planning content strategy and the focus on relationship building definitely mirrors my day job, which I love.

I also love exploring local coffee shops… I was born, raised, and went to school here (go Mustangs!), but there is always a new spot to discover. With the office being at the heart of the Arts District downtown, it’s super easy to pop out and try somewhere new. 

Having family in Dallas definitely makes me better at what I do!  There are four generations of my family living here, and my sister works right across the street.  I’m lucky to get to spend lots of time with them. 


Lightning Round

Favorite work perk
The local coffee shops!                                       

Lunch go-to
Grilled cheese and tomato soup – a classic.

Favorite Talks at GS guest
Emily Weiss, Founder and CEO of Glossier

First thing I mastered after joining GS
Time management

Skill I’m building now
Process improvement benefiting the desk and our stakeholders

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