Executive Director/Vice President
Cloud Platforms

Wealth Management, Bengaluru

“Goldman Sachs cultivates innovation and creativity, promoting career advancement and the ability to identify my strengths as an engineer.”

Joined GS



Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Masters in Computer Science


Food and the Outdoors

My childhood home had a small library filled with books related to technology and engineering, as my parents are engineers. I quickly became curious about the engineering field, and found that math and physics were two of my favorite school subjects. I recall how easy and enjoyable it was for me to sit through computer science classes, which drove me towards an education and career in computer science.

I am a part of the Cloud Platforms team in Wealth Management. We support multiple businesses under the Marcus brand by providing enterprise grade cloud-based solutions that can be used by different business lines for common problems, such as how authorization would work between two different micro services, how one should interact with databases, what messaging and security layer should look like, or how to ensure data integrity. I am currently working on building a pseudo real-time change data capture platform that would track the data lineage and capture every single update made to the data. Change data capture is crucial to better business decisions, understanding business risks and compliance, as it ensures accurate information and helps meet legal requirements.

I was a campus hire in 2017. I took part in four rounds of interviews: three technical and one behavioral. Throughout, I was given the opportunity to learn more about the team I was interviewing with and the work that they do. Over the course of my first three interviews, I was asked several technical questions. What separates our review process, and what I appreciated as a prospective candidate, was the fact that my interviewers focused heavily on my problem solving approach instead of just looking at whether or not I got the answer correct.

The best thing about Goldman Sachs is its people. The firm pushes teamwork and collaboration across all levels, so I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best engineers in the world. Working alongside so many talented individuals has helped me advance my career and better identify my strengths as an engineer. The firm’s inclusion and diversity mission also promotes cohesiveness among its people. We are focused on the team rather than our individual selves, and we constantly work toward promoting a willingness to teach and help one another.

Engineering is about problem solving, and my love for the same has always kept my passion going. The horizon of opportunities in Engineering is endless. You can go as far as you can think of building things and this always keeps my curiosity on. I always enjoyed writing algorithms, brainstorming on finding better solution so there couldn’t be a better fit for me than this.

Innovation, technology and development are heavily driven by the need to better society and bring people together. The fact that I am a part of this drive through my daily work is heavily motivational and inspiring. 

I am very passionate about being outdoors. I am always on a lookout for finding offbeat places and explore the diversity it offers in terms of people, food and nature. I look for activities that take me out of my comfort zone and expose me to different experiences.  My love for food is my greatest interest outside of my work, though. I really enjoy exploring different cuisines and often travel miles just to try something new.

Be excited to learn new technologies and experiment with them. Engineering is about inventing new things to make our life process easier and accessible. Attend the various trainings that are offered to you and be curious. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be sincere towards the work that you do.