Connecting colleagues and strengthening our culture with affinity networks

How are we making things possible?
Our affinity networks and interest forums are designed to provide all of our people exposure to the unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that make up the Goldman Sachs community.  Affinity network members can take advantage of a range of opportunities, from networking and career development offerings to learning more about different cultures around the world. Our  networks include:

  • Asian Network
  • Firmwide Black Network
  • Firmwide Hispanic/Latino Network
  • Goldman Sachs Women's Network
  • Firmwide LGBT Network
  • Disability Interest Forum
  • Goldman Sachs Veterans Network
  • Family Forum (Asia Pacific)
  • Religion and Culture Forum (India and Europe

Why it’s important to us.
Diversity in the workplace is what makes us dynamic, innovative and successful. We think it’s important for everyone to feel heard and have groups within the firm to share and learn about different experiences. 

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