Driving gender diversity on the trading floor

2018 Women's Trader Academy students

How are we making things possible?

We are recruiting for our third annual Women's Trader Academy, a programme offering women graduating in 2021 the opportunity to learn more about trading. Through a combination of experiential learning, work shadowing and mentorship, candidates develop their existing strengths, learn from our professionals and build confidence, providing the ideal launch pad for a career in the financial markets. The programme consists of three onsite training days at our London office, distance learning via mentoring from traders, access to online resources and career advice, and preparation for the coming year's summer internship interviews. 

Why it's important to us.

Diversity is a non-negotiable for us; our clients and the communities in which we operate are diverse, and so must we be. One of the core goals of the programme is simply to demystify what it's actually like to be a trader, which we hope in turn will encourage more women in this profession. 


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