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Working on a global scale, we empower our clients, our communities and each other to turn potential into reality.

In every area of Goldman Sachs, from the trading floor to our tech stacks, wealth management to risk management, each one of our teams contributes to innovations that drive progress around the world.  

Our People

Our People

Learn about our people, our commitment to diversity and how you can build your network through our partnerships and programs.

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Are You a Graduate or MBA Student?

We invite both Graduate and Master of Business Administration (MBA) students to explore opportunities at Goldman Sachs.

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Our Innovation is Built on Your Perspective

Goldman Sachs is committed to fostering a work environment that values diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Join us and find out just how much you can achieve in a business that truly recognizes your potential.

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Featured Location

Salt Lake City

Our offices located in downtown Salt Lake City make up Goldman Sachs’ second largest presence in North America. Not only does the city boast vibrant arts, culinary and social scenes but it is also in close proximity to Utah’s five national parks where you can experience some of the most magnificent hiking, biking and skiing in the world.


Community Services

People from our offices work in partnership with local nonprofit organizations on team-based volunteer projects to help them achieve their mission.

Talks at GS

Through our speaker series, Talks at GS, Goldman Sachs convenes leading thinkers to share insights and ideas that are shaping the world.

Benefits & Wellness


Our wellness offerings are designed to enhance the health and wellbeing of our people including mindfulness classes, onsite health centers and state-of-the-art fitness facilities. We provide resources to help our people manage life outside of the firm at every stage from parent resources to adult care as well as counselling services and medical advocacy programs. Offerings vary by location.

Other Benefits

Goldman Sachs provides a variety of benefits that vary by region but generally include the following features. Health care: a choice of medical plans, as well as prescription drug, vision and dental care plans. Insurance: life, disability and sickness, and business travel accident insurance plans. Holiday and vacation policies: a competitive offering of vacation time, generally based on employee status and years of service.


Helping Our People Maximize Their Potential

We take a person-by-person approach to talent development and foster an environment that values different perspectives, challenges conventional thinking and maximizes the potential of all of our people.