We aim to make handmade products a trend again, and to help small-scale Indian handmade brands grow locally and globally.

Sreedevi Vadlakonda
10,000 Women


Handmantra is a global hub for great eco-friendly alternatives ranging from house decor and stylish accessories to sustainable kitchen essentials and equipment. We add the modern and contemporary flavour to every product while maintaining the authenticity of artists. Other than promoting craftsmanship, our brand also stands at the cutting edge of women's empowerment. Our Handmantra team is stuffed with talented women, and our brand strives to help small-scale sellers and artists have their work recognised. We are building a platform that gives these handcrafted products an identity - Handmantra is the connection between creative small-scale entrepreneurs and customers.


Pink Rose Soap (Set of 3)

Our moisturising Pink Rose Soap with long-lasting fragrance is perfect for a therapeutic bath. Contains rose extract, glycerin, rose petals and lemongrass essential oil. Handmade product by local artists with eco-friendly, sustainable, non-toxic, organic and vegan ingredients.

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The statistics regarding small business impact on America‚Äôs GDP in 2023 are sourced from the US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Data Center: https://www.uschamber.com/small-business/small-business-data-center#:~:text=Small%20business%20drives%20the%20U.S.,and%20customers%20to%20each%20other