Mallow & Marsh

We make it our everyday mission to create deliciously tasty marshmallow for the sweet-tooth snackers out there.

Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie
10,000 Small Businesses UK


Mallow & Marsh was founded in 2013 after I was bet I couldn't make marshmallow at home. After a long night of whisking, I made my first batch and was surprised at how much gooier and tastier they were than the ones I could buy in the shops. That is when my fascination began. Today, we are committed to redefining the landscape of sweet tooth snacking long-ruled by chocolate. Indeed, we envision a world where marshmallow in its wholesome yumminess could take over the snacking category, with real ingredients, no artificial colours or flavourings and absolute deliciousness.


Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Marshmallows

100% natural raspberry marshmallows. They are full bodied and packed with tangy flavour, then coated in rich 70% Dark Chocolate resulting in an intense, indulgent and fruity delight.

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