Silvermerc Designs

I love interacting with a global audience and seeing the beauty in old traditions and culture of handmade products.

Deepika Agrawal
10,000 Women


Silvermerc Designs, a handmade product organisation was founded in 2012 to support artisans and craftsman. The journey started with silver artisans and is going forward by including many more crafts and art products. The main aim is to support local artisans and craftsman by investing in their art and promoting them on global platforms. We have a range of silver jewelry, fashion jewelry and expanding in accessories as the global pandemic has hit local small businesses badly.


Handmade Sun Moon Infinity Earring

Handmade Sun Moon Infinity Earrings is handmade by joining each and every small part of earring. Sterling Silver Earring symbolizes the circle of life where before reaching our infinite goal of salvation we move in the circle of life like moon and leaves mark of our presence by our good and bad deeds. Thus every piece of silver jewel at Silvermerc Designs has a deep meaning.

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The statistics regarding small business impact on America‚Äôs GDP in 2023 are sourced from the US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Data Center:,and%20customers%20to%20each%20other