Empowering you through your own feet while enhancing the foot-brain connection. 

Paola R. Shah
10,000 Small Businesses US


Tucketts high-performance toeless grip socks provide the barefoot sensation you need to feel more connected, coordinated, and confident as you move. Tucketts is a woman-owned business with a love for sustainability, a passion for spreading the message about the foot-brain connection, and the mission to elevate women through their feet. We believe movement and maintaining an active lifestyle can help you feel less stressed, more fulfilled, and more connected to the activities and communities you love.


Leg Warmer

Add an extra layer of warmth to your lower legs with Tucketts Leg Warmers! The unique ruching takes the bulky knit warmers from the 1980s and gives them a sleek new silhouette, without sacrificing warmth or comfort.

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The statistics regarding small business impact on America‚Äôs GDP in 2023 are sourced from the US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Data Center: https://www.uschamber.com/small-business/small-business-data-center#:~:text=Small%20business%20drives%20the%20U.S.,and%20customers%20to%20each%20other