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Fund for Racial Equity

“We must stand up and support organizations dedicated to the fight for a more just and equitable society.”
- David M. Solomon, Chairman and CEO 

We created the Goldman Sachs Fund for Racial Equity to support the vital work of leading organizations addressing racial injustice, structural inequity and economic disparity. The fund launched with $10 million from Goldman Sachs Gives and builds upon more than $200 million Goldman Sachs has granted over the last decade to organizations serving communities of color. Most recently, as part of the Goldman Sachs COVID-19 Relief Fund, the firm deployed $17 million to organizations supporting relief efforts in communities of color.  

The Fund for Racial Equity will support nonprofits across four key themes:

  • Advancing Economic Progress
    Promoting equal opportunities for communities of color, who face higher economic barriers to prosperity
  • Legal & Criminal Justice Reform
    Supporting organizations working to end harsh policies and racial inequities in the criminal justice system  
  • Fueling Social Change
    Advocating for the end to structural inequality and racism to create a more just society
  • Fostering Educational Opportunities
    Improving educational outcomes for students of color and closing the achievement gap

We are proud and humbled to support these nonprofits:

United States

Black Economic Alliance Foundation
Black Girls Code
Equal Justice Initiative
Innocence Project
Know Your Rights Camp
My Brother's Keeper Alliance
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.
United Negro College Fund


Afro Deutsches Akademiker Netzwerk (ADAN)
Article 1
Runnymede Trust
Sponsors for Educational Opportunity
Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation
Urban Synergy

In addition, Goldman Sachs employees donating to racial equity and social justice organizations will have their contributions matched by the firm dollar for dollar, and donations $25 and under will be matched three to one. 

“We are honored to stand with these leaders and organizations fighting for racial justice and equity. In pursuit of our purpose as a firm to advance sustainable economic growth and financial opportunity for all, we are committed to help drive meaningful change for communities of color.” 

                 -  Asahi Pompey, Global Head of Corporate Engagement     

Goldman Sachs Establishes Fund for Racial Equity

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Talks at GS with Dr. Tony Coles
In this episode, filmed at Goldman Sachs’ Builders + Innovators Summit, Cerevel Therapeutics CEO and Black Economic Alliance Co-Chair Dr. Tony Coles discusses with Goldman Sachs’ Russ Hutchinson advances within the pharmaceutical industry, how to drive racial equity within companies, and his approach to hiring the next generation of talent. 

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David Clunie, Executive Director of the Black Economic Alliance, sat down with Asahi Pompey, global head of Corporate Engagement and president of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, for a conversation on corporate innovation and reimagining global leadership. Their discussion was part of a series hosted by the Council of Urban Professionals, which inspires, elevates, and empowers the next generation of diverse business and civic leaders. 

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Social Impact, Racial Equity and the Current Environment
Asahi Pompey, global head of Corporate Engagement and president of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, sat down for a conversation with Dr. Mitchell Katz, president & CEO of NYC Health + Hospitals, and Kimberly Bryant, founder & CEO of Black Girls Code, to discuss nonprofit leadership and resilience in times of crisis, the pandemic’s impact on communities of color, and actionable steps toward racial equity and equality.

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Policing, Policy and Collective Action
In celebration of Black History Month in the UK, Kyle Williams, head of the EMEA Corporate, Finance and Consumer Banking Legal Group, hosted a panel discussion with Sayce Holmes-Lewis, founder and CEO of Mentivity, Halima Begum, director of Runnymede Trust, and Katrina Ffrench, CEO of Stopwatch; recipients of the firm’s Fund for Racial Equity in the UK. The session focused on how policing impacts Black communities and the ways organisations are driving change through policy and direct action on this issue. 

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In this episode of Talks at GS, Doreen Lawrence, Baroness Lawrence of Clarendon, discusses with Goldman Sachs’ Kyle Williams her work campaigning for justice following her son Stephen’s 1993 murder and her views on race relations today. 

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