Goldman Sachs | Established 1869

For more than 150 years, a culture of teamwork and client service has defined our firm. Today, nearly 40,000 Goldman Sachs colleagues work together to serve our clients and communities around the world, building upon a rich history of innovative ideas from extraordinary people.

Goldman Sachs at 150: A 10-Part Film Series

To mark the 150th anniversary of Goldman Sachs, documentary filmmaker Ric Burns chronicles the firm’s history from its founding after the Civil War up until today. Through in-depth interviews with leaders of the firm past and present, the films explore the evolution of Goldman Sachs and the global economy across a century and a half of growth, change and innovation.


Goldman Sachs was built through strong, enduring relationships and transformative business transactions. Learn about the clients, significant acquisitions and strategic pivot points from our early beginnings to today.

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The Goldman Sachs culture values teamwork, client service and giving back to the communities we serve. It has been described as the foundation of the firm’s success.

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The story of Goldman Sachs is a tale of global growth, entering new markets and advancing economic opportunities for clients and communities around the world.

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Creativity and innovation have become hallmarks of Goldman Sachs – from creating the first price-to-earnings ratio, to initiating the investment banking business, to the technological reinvention of the modern IPO and beyond.

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The importance of principled leadership – from our senior partners and CEOs to our role as drivers of our industry to the thought leadership we champion – is a key to understanding Goldman Sachs.

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The people of Goldman Sachs have long valued their opportunity to give back through public service and volunteerism, humanitarian efforts and programs that foster economic progress in communities around the world.

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