Creativity and innovation have become hallmarks of Goldman Sachs – from creating the first price-to-earnings ratio, to initiating the investment banking business, to the technological reinvention of the modern IPO and beyond.

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Bringing Commercial Paper Trading Into the Digital Age

In 1985, Goldman Sachs introduces the first-ever computerized commercial paper dealer system, replacing the telephone and increasing the speed and accuracy of commercial paper transactions.

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Celebrating Most Influential Entrepreneurs at Inaugural Builders + Innovators Summit

2012 marks Goldman Sachs’ first annual Builders + Innovators Summit, a gathering of a select group of up-and-coming US entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders designed to foster dialogue, idea sharing, and economic progress.

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Innovation at Work: Helping a U.S. Thrift Sell Yen-Based Notes in Europe

In 1987, Goldman Sachs co-manages the first-ever collateralized Euroyen notes totaling JPY15 billion for California-based Great American First Savings Bank.

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Firm's First IPO Uses New Earnings-Based Approach to Valuation

Henry Goldman leads the firm’s first IPO in 1906, utilizing the innovative strategy of earnings, rather than solely assets, to attract long-term investment in United Cigar Manufacturers.

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John Whitehead Memo Revolutionizes Investment Banking, Establishes Investment Banking Services

In one of the firm's most important industry innovations, John C. Whitehead submits a memo to Sidney J. Weinberg in 1956 outlining the establishment of Wall Street's first marketing arm for investment banking, later known as Investment Banking Services.

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Revolutionary Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model is Published by Fischer Black, Later a Partner at Goldman Sachs

Published in 1973, the Black-Scholes Option Pricing model brought a new quantitative approach to pricing options, helping fuel the growth of derivative investing.

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“Womenomics”: The Power of the Purse in Japan

The Japanese portfolio team within the Global Investment Research Division publishes “Womenomics: Buy the Female Economy” in 1999, launching a multiyear series of reports that cement “Womenomics” as part of the Japanese vernacular and a pillar of the country’s efforts to revive economic growth.

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With GS Research Report, "BRICs" Are Born

In 2001, Goldman Sachs’ Global Investment Research Division publishes the report, "Build Better Global Economic BRICs," coining the acronym for the four countries that would reshape the world economy– Brazil, Russia, India and China.

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Marcus by Goldman Sachs Applies Technology to a Long Legacy of Bringing Financial Expertise to Clients

In 2016, Goldman Sachs launches Marcus by Goldman Sachs, an online platform offering personal unsecured loans and savings accounts to retail clients.

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