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Lucent Technologies Inc.

Donald K. Peterson, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer:

"During our discussions with Ascend Communications, we were focused on completing an acquisition aimed at establishing Lucent’s leadership in data networking and in developing the next generation of networking technology. Goldman Sachs helped us to keep the negotiations on track and moving forward. This was in keeping with the highly strategic role the firm has played for us since the formation of Lucent. Goldman Sachs had been a lead manager for AT&T in the Lucent IPO, and we have looked to the firm for ongoing advice and knowledge about companies, trends and transactions in the data networking space and how they matched up with our growth objectives. As a result of our combination with Ascend, we can say that Lucent holds the number one position in our sector in terms of market share and new products."

  • Goldman Sachs acted as advisor to Lucent Technologies Inc. in its $21.4 billion acquisition of Ascend Communications Incorporated.
  • To date, this was the largest technology merger ever.
  • The merger significantly enhanced Lucent’s position as a leader in data networking.
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