Financial Highlights

$ and share amounts in millions, except per share amounts For the Year Ended or as of December
2013 2012 2011

Operating Results

Net revenues$34,206$34,163$28,811
Pre-tax earnings11,73711,2076,169
Net earnings8,0407,4754,442
Net earnings applicable to common shareholders7,7267,2922,510
Return on average common shareholders’ equity11.0%10.7%3.7%

Common Share Data

Diluted earnings per common share$15.46$14.13$4.51
Average diluted common shares outstanding499.6516.1556.9
Dividends declared per common share$2.05$1.77$1.40
Book value per common share152.48144.67130.31
Tangible book value per common share 1143.11134.06119.72
Ending stock price177.26127.5690.43

Financial Condition and Selected Ratios

Total assets$911,507$938,555$923,225
Unsecured long-term borrowings160,965167,305173,545
Total shareholders’ equity78,46775,71670,379
Leverage ratio 211.6×12.4×13.1×
Tier 1 common ratio 314.6%14.5%12.1%
Tier 1 capital ratio 316.7%16.7%13.8%

Selected Data

Total staff32,90032,40033,300
Assets under supervision $1,042$965$895