Ask the Former Interns - Networking

20 JUL 2016

Networking is an integral part of developing a meaningful and fulfilling career. Five former Goldman Sachs interns reflect on how to build a lasting network in the fifth edition of our intern advice series.

Amy  Finance Division, Salt Lake City

"Identify teams that do related work, and set up time with different managers to learn more about what they do and how their work is relevant to your own. You can accomplish anything if you know the right people, and this will help you learn which people can be resources on what topics."


Arnie  Investment Management Division, New York

"Start with people where you have common ground. For me, it was the Veterans Network. I reached out to people with military backgrounds to have coffee and then there was a domino effect. Each person suggested other people I should meet. Given my Army background, camaraderie is extremely important to me and I saw a lot of it at Goldman Sachs."


Elaine  Investment Banking Division, Hong Kong

"Connect with people from different divisions. Knowing people outside your own division can help you perform better on the job and also give you clearer picture about careers at Goldman Sachs. However, it’s important to balance your time. Consider your workload and the timeline you’ve given your team for deliverables when scheduling time with people. Meet for a quick coffee when you’re busy."


Manetou  Technology Division, London

"During networking opportunities, it’s important to share and equally important to listen. That is the best way to find common areas of interest. Demonstrate curiosity and creative thinking which could influence the person to think of you as somebody who brings ideas to the table when a project comes up."


Pratik  Compliance Division, Bengaluru

"Your team is only one small part of the division. Talk to people in different areas. You’ll develop a better understanding of what a career in that division at Goldman Sachs can look like and all of the things you could be doing as a full-time employee."

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