Ask the Former Interns - Staying in Touch

03 AUG 2016

One of the best ways to build your career is to keep in contact with your colleagues after the internship ends. Our five former interns talk about ways to stay in touch during the school year in the final edition of the intern advice series.

Amy  Finance Division, Salt Lake City

"Check in by email with the people you worked closely with a couple of times to see how the team is doing. If you're planning to visit the city where you were working, find time to meet your team in person. When I went to Salt Lake City to look for housing, I met with my manager to touch base."


Arnie  Investment Management Division, New York

"December is a great time to reach out and wish everyone a happy holiday. Then get involved as a campus ambassador; it keeps you in constant contact with the firm."


Elaine  Investment Banking Division, Hong Kong

"It is always good to stay in touch with people after the internship ends. But don’t worry about being overly structured or formal; it will feel like second nature."


Manetou  Technology Division, London

"At the end of your internship, you want to have built real relationships with the people you’ve worked with. If you’re writing your dissertation, you could always ask for advice or maybe just say hello from time to time."


Pratik  Compliance Division, Bengaluru

"Stay in touch with the market as well as people. Make time to keep reading about what is happening at Goldman Sachs and in the industry."

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