Ask the Former Interns - Hitting the Desk

22 JUN 2016

In part three of our intern advice series, five former interns share the best ways to hit the desk with confidence and make a great first impression on your team.

Amy  Finance Division, Salt Lake City

"Start to build your relationships with the people you sit next to on your first day – they’re the ones you’ll ask the most questions to throughout the summer."


Arnie  Investment Management Division, New York

"I sent a brief, introductory email to my whole team telling them who I am, that I was happy to be part of the team and that I was ready to help with whatever they needed. It was a tremendous way to break the ice so I suggest doing the same. Then schedule individual conversations to get to know each person one-on-one."


Elaine  Investment Banking Division, Hong Kong

"It’s easy to jump into your day-to-day work and be totally consumed by it. Keep thinking about the big picture and what the job is really about beyond individual tasks. Ask questions about how your tasks are related to the larger responsibilities of the team and division, and how your work has impacted the firm’s clients."


Manetou  Technology Division, London

"You need to start with the right attitude. Come in with confidence that you can succeed and the mindset that you want to learn. That will come across to your team and let you start off on a positive note."


Pratik  Compliance Division, Bengaluru

"Take a deep breath. It’s overwhelming for everyone on the first day because you’re trying to absorb a lot of information. You’ll learn as the internship progresses. Nobody at Goldman Sachs minds being asked questions. You can really go up to anyone and ask them to help explain something to you."

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