Goldman Sachs Engineering Team Presents at JavaOne 2016

13 DEC 2016

Goldman Sachs Engineering was well-represented at the JavaOne 2016 conference in San Francisco from September 19-21.

A Goldman Sachs Engineering team represented Goldman Sachs at the 2016 JavaOne Conference, marking the third year in a row Goldman Sachs engineers have attended. The team demonstrated robotics and open source code in the Exhibition Hall, and had the opportunity to present during the sessions at JavaOne and JavaOne4Kids.  

Robots: For the Kid in All of Us
This was a fun and interactive session which comprised of using Lego® Mindstorms® EV3s to solve a variety of problems. An elevator was live-programmed to demonstrate the ease with which day-to-day systems can be replicated and come to life. The EV3s were programmed to solve a maze using Djikstra’s Algorithm, showcasing the creative techniques available to downscale a system in the age of the Internet of Things. The final demonstration constituted of robots controlled via a Twitter feed, with the audience tweeting commands to the robots.

Collectors Fair: Developing and Marketing a New Kind of Component
Java 8 made the functional style of programming possible with the introduction of streams and lambdas. The session explored basic principles and compared the collectors available in two major Java collections frameworks: Eclipse Collections and Java Collections Framework.

Bringing Robot online with Robo4j Framework
This interactive session introduced kids to the principles of building robots, and how to bring them to life using simple programming techniques with Java. The aim of the program was to familiarize children with technology, engineering and robotics and help to capture their interests in programming at an early age.

How to send an encrypted message
The session was centered on web-security and risks associated in the current technology age. The session portrayed basic encryption techniques to kids and general safety measures which should be followed.

Both the JavaOne and JavaOne4Kids sessions were in collaboration with other industry speakers.

“JavaOne 2016 was my second JavaOne conference and the first where I had the opportunity to present. It was an exciting and invigorating experience,” said Nikhil, an engineer in the Private Wealth Management Technology.

During the conference, the team also announced the release of Reladomo, the firm’s enterprise grade object-relational mapping framework for Java.

“The conference provided a great setting to showcase Reladomo and interact with other programmers from around the world,” said Kristen, an engineer in the Technology Division.

Learn more about Reladomo and how to start a project by visiting Goldman Sachs on GitHub.

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