New Series: Ask the Former Interns - Preparing for Your Internship

25 MAY 2016

One of the top questions we get from our incoming interns is "How do I prepare?" We asked former interns working in Goldman Sachs offices around the world to weigh in on this topic. Keep visiting the careers blog for the rest of this six-part series.

Amy  Finance Division, Salt Lake City

"I did not come from a finance background. If you’re like me, read relevant news and take the firm’s online training – it helped me feel up to speed when I started. I also talked to my buddy which helped me wrap my head around what the summer experience was going to be like and how to get situated in Salt Lake City."


Arnie  Investment Management Division, New York

"Try to connect with any ambassadors on your campus who have been through the internship experience. Use the training resources but don’t think you need to know everything before you start. The firm saw the potential for you to be successful here because of your passion and skills and they expect to train you; you aren’t supposed to be an expert on your first day."


Elaine  Investment Banking Division, Hong Kong

"Prepare in any way that makes you feel confident and ready to jump in. I went back to textbooks from my finance and accounting courses to brush up on my fundamentals even though divisions like Investment Banking teach you the technical skills you need during orientation and on the job."


Manetou  Technology Division, London

"Take time to think about what you want to achieve from your internship. Think about what you bring to the firm and what image you want to project. At the end of the 10 weeks, how do you want the people you work with to describe you?"


Pratik  Compliance Division, Bengaluru

"Use your buddy as a resource to learn about your role and the firm. But try not to worry too much. It was my first work experience and when I got to Goldman Sachs, I received a lot of support from the firm and my team."

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