Together We Build: Our Commitment to Supporting Women Technologists

28 SEP 2020

At Goldman Sachs we are focused on creating a workforce from the widest range of experiences, ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds. We are working to create an environment in which our colleagues thrive not in spite of our differences but rather because of them.

Sometimes, that means supporting a public dialogue on racial equity, contributing time and resources to organizations advancing social issues, or simply sharing the unique contributions that our engineers make to their communities. Supporting our people is central to our ethos, and we are proud be recognized as a participant in the AnitaB.Org 2020 Top Companies for Women Technologists.  

We are excited to partner with AnitaB.Org and sponsor this year’s virtual Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC).  Each year, the conference convenes the largest gathering of women technologists for networking, educational and career development opportunities. We attend not only to engage with some of the brightest young minds in technology, but also to learn from a community of young women leaders with a passion for solving global problems with technology.  

This year, five of our very own women engineers present various topics at the event: Attend Ines’ talk on innovating within legacy technology stacks; join Mariya’s mentoring circle on how to boost your career with Agile skills and OKRs; hear Jenny’s session on how to whip your data store into shape with Redux best practices; or build your five-year career vision board with Wazila and Kaylee.

If you’re attending the Grace Hopper Celebration, we’re excited to connect with you! Please join our roundtables to speak with engineers and recruiters or visit us at our virtual booth here

"Every year, I look forward to our participation at the Grace Hopper Celebration. We meet talented young women with a passion for technology and we learn about their exciting career aspirations. As an organization, Goldman Sachs continues to offer great opportunities for women to build their careers. That is what makes our participation at this event so empowering, since it is about learning from you. Most importantly it is ensuring that engineering plays an important role in the future of fintech, and creates a space where women technologists can achieve their goals."

Sinead Strain, 
Head of Global Markets Trading Platform Engineering and Marquee Engineering