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“I think if you’re looking to strive in any position within the firm, there’s the support, resources and platform for you to do great work. If you work hard and deliver good results, opportunities arise and you can grow and take on more responsibilities.”

Managing Director, Global Investment Research, New York
Featured Location

Hong Kong

One of our regional hubs, the Hong Kong office combines workspace at the iconic Cheung Kong Center with the brand new facilities of Lee Garden Three. Some of our most popular recreational activities are hiking, dragon boating and wakeboarding.

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At Goldman Sachs, we recognize that learning is a competitive advantage, and we are committed to helping our people reach their full potential.

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We believe that supporting our people personally and professionally is the best way to engage and motivate our workforce. As such, we offer competitive benefits to help you manage your overall health and financial well-being.

Commitment to Diversity

Diversity is essential to our mission as a firm: it lets us remain at the edge of innovation, respond to the needs of our clients, and ensure that our people can work at their maximum potential.