Goldman Sachs Gives Becomes A Proud Sponsor Of The TOMODACHI Initiative

The “TOMODACHI Gold Star Roadshow” will help connect young Americans and young Japanese through a shared love of music and the performing arts.

TOKYO, September 9, 2013 – Goldman Sachs announced today that it becomes a sponsor of the TOMODACHI Initiative, a groundbreaking public-private partnership launched following the Great East Japan Earthquake to strengthen the cultural and economic ties between the United States and Japan.

The contributions are being provided through Goldman Sachs Gives, a donor-advised fund through which Goldman Sachs and its senior employees can recommend grants, and support “The TOMODACHI Gold Star Roadshow: The Young Americans Mini Workshop Tour.” American artists, most of them recent college graduates, will hold three-hour musical theatre workshops in more than 35 elementary and middle schools in Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate prefectures for approximately 30-100 students each.  Implemented by Jibun Mirai Club, the program brings Japanese and American youth together to practice American style singing and dancing and to learn to express themselves through music.  

“We are thrilled to welcome Goldman Sachs to the growing group of companies supporting the TOMODACHI Initiative,” said Charge d'Affaires ad interim Kurt Tong. “Thanks to the generosity of Goldman Sachs Gives, the TOMODACHI Initiative will partner with Young Americans to bring smiles to the young people of Tohoku through American-style musical theatre workshops.  This program will help breakdown boundaries, build up spirits, and bring young Americans and young Japanese closer through music."

Goldman Sachs Gives strongly supports the TOMODACHI Initiative’s mission, which we believe is fully aligned with our commitment to enhance educational opportunities for children,” said Masanori Mochida, president of Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. “While Japan continues to steadily recover from the unprecedented events of March 2011, emotional scars run deep and many children in the Tohoku region, especially those in Fukushima, continue to face uncertain conditions.  We hope that the Young Americans’ workshop can help these children overcome their fear and anxieties and look to their futures with hope and confidence.”

Mr. Hideo Sagawa from the Iwaki City Board of Education said, “In Iwaki City, the children on the coast lost their homes and schools. There are many children whose parents moved them different places over and over again because of their impending sense of danger, and circumstances where children lost their understanding of what ordinary life should be. Under such circumstances, if we can support the spirits of these children, the strength of those affected by the earthquake can grow. The most important thing for these children is to believe in their own ability to live. Young Americans is teaching them this valuable lesson.”

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About The TOMODACHI Initiative
The TOMODACHI Initiative is a public-private partnership, born out of support for Japan’s recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, that invests in the next generation of Japanese and American leaders through educational and cultural exchanges as well as entrepreneurship and leadership programs.

About Goldman Sachs Gives
Goldman Sachs Gives is a donor-advised fund through which Goldman Sachs and its senior employees can recommend grants to qualified non-profit organizations globally. Established in 2007, Goldman Sachs Gives supports charities in communities around the world with a focus on benefiting underserved populations. Its grants support programs that build and stabilize communities, increase educational opportunities,
honor service and veterans, and create jobs and economic growth.

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Goldman Sachs Gives becomes a Proud Sponsor of The TOMODACHI Initiative Press Release


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