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The ESG Case for E-Commerce

Derek Bingham of Goldman Sachs Research discusses the key ESG challenges of rapidly increasing e-commerce and how companies and investors are addressing these issues.

TOPIC: Carbonomics
Talks at GS

Jane Goodall, Ethologist and Conservationist

In this episode of Talks at GS, Jane Goodall, British ethologist and conservationist and famous for studying chimpanzees in Tanzania, discusses her groundbreaking research, her shift to environmental advocacy, as well as founding the Jane Goodall Institute and becoming a UN Messenger of Peace to fight climate change and preserve nature worldwide.

Insights from Great Investors

Insights from Great Investors: Antoine Flamarion and Mathieu Chabran, Co-Founders of Tikehau Capital

In this episode, Antoine Flamarion and Mathieu Chabran, co-founders of Tikehau Capital, discuss how they have incorporated ESG into their investment strategy, the process of growing a global firm while cultivating its culture and identity, and the keys to their individual investing success.

Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

Where Are Family Offices Seeking Higher Returns?

With their unique structures, family offices are increasing their allocation to alternative investments and acting more like institutional investors, according to a new report from Goldman Sachs, Widening the Aperture: Family Office Investment Insights, which draws on a cross-divisional survey of more than 150 Goldman Sachs clients around the world.

Top of Mind

Report: Bidenomics - Evolution or Revolution

As President Biden’s economic agenda—“Bidenomics”—takes center stage in Washington DC, how big of a shift in US economic policy it represents, and the economic and market implications of what actually passes, are Top of Mind.


Blockchain + The Capital Markets: Unlocking a New Era of Speed and Transparency

Earlier this year, Goldman Sachs co-led the first public digital issuance on Ethereum public blockchain for the European Investment Bank. Learn how the transaction worked and why it represents a potential sea change in capital markets.


The Surge in Software Activity

What's driving the surge in M&A activity in the software industry? We sat down with Goldman Sachs’ Ryan Nolan and Nick Pomponi, global co-heads of the Investment Banking Division’s software business, to get the inside scoop.

Goldman Sachs Research

Carbonomics: Introducing the GS Net Zero Carbon Models and Sector Frameworks

Goldman Sachs Research presents modelling for two paths to net zero carbon, with two global models of de-carbonization by sector and technology, leveraging the team’s proprietary Carbonomics cost curve.

TOPIC: Carbonomics
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