Managing Investments

An innovative approach to meeting the needs of an important client segment

Foundations, endowments and other nonprofits are facing a challenging investment climate regardless of their level of assets. The economy has hampered donations, volatility has made returns uncertain and demands on their resources have remained or even grown. This complexity has stretched the capacity of small to mid-sized organizations and led the Investment Management business to create an Institutional Client Solutions platform specifically designed for them. Our client teams can provide ongoing market insights and expertise along with client-specific solutions — from advice on individual asset class or strategy mandates to fully outsourced investment management.

Drawing upon resources and expertise from across Investment Management, clients can get a level of advice and an investment experience that have traditionally been available only to the largest foundations and endowments. Our disciplined investment process begins with a clear

understanding of the client’s objectives and spending constraints. Within their investment portfolios, clients can take advantage of our open architecture platform, which includes investment options from a rigorously evaluated group of external managers as well as from Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

While we advise some clients who manage their portfolios internally, others choose our comprehensive portfolio outsourcing solution. This can include strategic analysis, institutional risk management and tactical asset allocation strategies. By using an outsourcing solution, investment committees can focus on policy-level decisions that help further the organization’s mission. We are now working with over 250 organizations across the U.S. and are expanding this service to additional countries.

Goldman Sachs Team

left to right: David Granson, Kate El-Hillow, Scott McDermott, Jeffrey Goldenberg, David Fox