Financial Highlights

$ and share amounts in millions, except per share amounts As of or for the Year Ended December
2011 2010 2009

Operating Results

Net revenues$28,811$ 39,161$ 45,173
Pre-tax earnings6,16912,89219,829
Net earnings4,4428,35413,385
Net earnings applicable to common shareholders2,5107,71312,192
Return on average common shareholders’ equity3.7%11.5%22.5%

Common Share Data

Diluted earnings per common share$4.51$13.18$22.13
Average diluted common shares outstanding556.9585.3550.9
Dividends declared per common share$1.40$1.40$1.05
Book value per common share130.31128.72117.48
Tangible book value per common share 1119.72118.63108.42
Ending Stock Price90.43168.16168.84

Financial Condition and Selected Ratios

Total assets$923,225$911,332$848,942
Unsecured long-term borrowings173,545174,399185,085
Total shareholders’ equity70,37977,35670,714
Leverage ratio 213.1×11.8×12.0×
Adjusted leverage ratio 28.6×7.6×7.8×
Tier 1 capital ratio 313.8%16.0%15.0%
Tier 1 common ratio 312.1%13.3%12.2%

Selected Data

Total staff33,30035,70032,500
Assets under management (in billions)$828$840$871