Citizenship in India


Goldman Sachs seeks to make a difference in our communities by supporting nonprofit organizations in India to build capacity, invest in communities, access networks and expertise, and maximize impact focused on the following areas: 
Women’s economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, and access to capital; promotion of education and social innovation; and environmental betterment.


Community TeamWorks

<i>Community TeamWorks</i>

Through Community TeamWorks, the people of Goldman Sachs contribute their ideas, time and expertise to drive tangible progress in communities where we work and live. Launched in 1997, this signature volunteering initiative enables our people to work in partnership with nonprofit organizations around the world to make a meaningful difference. Goldman Sachs partners with more than 40 nonprofit organizations to conduct nearly 220 projects in India annually.

10,000 Women

<i>10,000 Women</i>

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women is an initiative to foster economic growth by providing women entrepreneurs around the world with a business and management education and access to capital. In India, 10,000 Women is now offered through an academic partnership with NSRCEL at the Indian Institute of Management Bengaluru. To join the cohort, apply now.

10,000 Women India

Breaking Barriers: Unlocking the Potential of Women Entrepreneurs

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Featured Women from 10,000 Women in India

Earthen Symphony


"Entrepreneurship is all about perseverance, about believing enough to withstand anything and everything that comes your way. If you enjoy what you do, the journey will be fun. There is no shortcut to success."

Ancient Living


"Successful business is all about integrity and aiming to make a positive social impact. If we believe in something, we need to strive to achieve it without compromising on our ethical values. If we do that, growth will follow."



"I have grown my business by entering a niche market and starting a new brand, "Jus Blouses". I have also streamlined my business and developed a new strategy."

Goldman Sachs Gives

<i>Goldman Sachs Gives</i>

Goldman Sachs Gives is a donor-advised fund committed to fostering innovative ideas, solving economic and social issues, and enabling progress in underserved communities globally. Launched in 2016, Goldman Sachs Gives Analyst Impact Fund is a global competition where teams from India have participated and successfully secured funding for nonprofit organizations.

Developing Our Communities


Enabling improvements in public health through education.


Improving infrastructure across government schools to rebuild sanitation blocks, offer access to drinking water and provide technology-enabled laboratories across government schools.

Social Innovation

Sponsoring initiatives to strengthen opportunities for women through access to technology-enabled solutions.

Women’s Entrepreneurship

Focusing on capacity building for Indian women-owned businesses and education to help foster their market opportunities.

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About Goldman Sachs in India

Goldman Sachs has been serving clients in India since the 1980s and established an onshore presence in Mumbai, India in December 2006 following a ten-year joint venture.

Careers in India

Goldman Sachs seeks to recruit talented people across diverse disciplines and experiences. The work you do will have a direct effect on business and the community. At Goldman Sachs, you will make an impact.