Participants in Our Women’s Trader Academy Programme Share Their Experiences and Advice

Our Women’s Trader Academy is a three-month training programme in London that aims to prepare women students for a career in trading, giving them real-life perspective on the industry and helping them to form invaluable connections.

As we approach the programme's fourth year, we connected with some past participants, Tien and Komal, who shared their key takeaways and advice for aspiring traders.

Describe your experience participating in the Women’s Trader Academy Programme.

Tien: It was an extremely eye-opening experience. As a first-generation college student, the programme allowed me to explore new boundaries I never thought I was capable of, and most of all, it made me realise that a trading career at Goldman Sachs is possible. From meeting senior business representatives and getting an immersive experience on the trading floor, to meeting so many talented and driven women from all over Europe, the programme gave me a breadth of exposure to the roles within trading at the firm. Additionally, the programme completely deconstructed the trading stereotype often portrayed in the media – everyone on the floor is incredibly willing to teach, and 200% invested in seeing you succeed.

Komal: The Women’s Trader Academy was a very valuable experience that provided me with a broad insight into the world of trading. It not only demystified trading, but it also allowed me to make an educated decision on what I want my future career to be. 

Now that you’ve joined Goldman Sachs as a summer analyst in trading, what do you enjoy most about it? 

Komal: The best part about being a summer analyst is having the opportunity to meet a range of people that embody the Goldman Sachs culture of collaboration and mentorship. I have immensely enjoyed speaking with each and every person I have come across—their kindness and willingness to teach me more about the world of trading has been exceptional.

How do you hope to use the skills you’ve learned in the future?

Tien: I will definitely apply the way that I have learned to think about risk and processes to my everyday efforts. It is an incredibly useful skill for anybody to have, regardless of whether you choose to stay in finance or decide to start a business of your own.

Komal: Through this internship I have developed many skills such as confidence, perseverance and most importantly multi-tasking. These skills are applicable in almost everything I do in my everyday life, and I am glad to have been able to hone them.

What advice would you share with students considering a career in trading?

Tien: Trust your intuition. If you think this is the right career for you, go for it!

Komal: Speak to as many traders as you can. Ask them about their day, what their job includes, what their most difficult challenges have been. Be as curious as possible, because only then will you know if this is the career for you.


If you are a woman student and interested in participating in this programme, please visit our programme page and apply.