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Europe’s Digital Economy

Why Europe Excels at Building Fintech Unicorns

Klaus Hommels, founder and chairman of venture capital firm Lakestar, discusses the growth in Europe’s tech ecosystem and the region’s outsized footprint in fintech companies with Clif Marriott, co-head of the Technology, Media and Telecom Group in EMEA at Goldman Sachs.

What’s Driving Europe’s Tech Acceleration

Innovations in the U.S. and China have largely overshadowed Europe's tech scene. But now, thanks to supportive government policies and a surge of private capital, the sector is set to take off. In this episode of Exchanges at Goldman Sachs, Lisa Yang, head of the European Media and Internet Research team, and Alexander Duval, head of Europe Tech Hardware, Semiconductors and Video Games, discuss the drivers behind Europe’s digital acceleration.

Europe’s Digital Startups are Closing the Gap with Tech Companies in the U.S.

Europe’s tech entrepreneurs have arrived. The ecosystem of digital companies has grown twice as fast as in the U.S. during the past seven years, and funding in Europe’s private companies eclipsed $100 billion for the first time in 2021.

How Long Will the Semiconductor Shortages Last?

The shortage of semiconductor chips is straining global supply chains, causing a drag on the production of an array of products from smartphones to new cars. We spoke to Alexander Duval, a technology analyst in Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs, after our virtual European Digital Economy Conference to discuss chip production and the impact of the Ukraine-Russia crisis on the sector.

Europe’s Digital Economy at a Tipping Point

Lisa Yang, head of the European Media and Internet Research team in Goldman Sachs Research, discusses her recent report on the acceleration of Europe’s digital economy and the emergence of European digital champions.  

Digital Disruptors

Verena Pausder, Founder of Fox & Sheep

Verena Pausder, founder of Fox & Sheep, discusses the rise of online learning, the use of technology to improve equity in education, and scaling one of the largest developers of children’s apps in Germany.

Jeff Lawson, Co-founder and CEO of Twilio

Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio and author of Ask Your Developer, discusses his insights on entrepreneurship, the transformative power of software, and how companies can attract and retain software developers. 

Tom Davidson, Founder and CEO of Everfi

How can technology help make education more affordable, reach more people, and have greater impact? John Goldstein, head of the Sustainable Finance Group talks with Everfi’s Tom Davidson to discuss how the company’s aiming to spread more and better learning across the globe.

Chris Britt, Co-Founder and CEO of Chime

Chime Co-Founder and CEO Chris Britt discusses how his company differentiated their business model in the fintech space and what drives their culture. 

Ali Ghodsi, Co-Founder and CEO of Databricks

Ali Ghodsi, co-founder and CEO of Databricks, discusses how his personal journey has influenced his entrepreneurial and leadership style, his company’s mission to build the future of data and AI for all enterprises, and key insights to how Databricks drives innovation within the tech landscape.

Whitney Wolfe Herd, Founder and CEO of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO of Bumble, discusses the evolution of the dating app since its launch, the impact of the pandemic on Bumble and the online dating industry generally, and Herd’s experience as the youngest female founder to take a company public.  

The Metaverse & Web 3.0

The Next Tech Battleground: Online Gaming & the Metaverse

In this episode of Exchanges at Goldman Sachs, Jung Min, co-COO of Global Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) and co-head of TMT in Asia Pacific Ex-Japan in Goldman Sachs’ Investment Banking Division, explains the evolution of the gaming industry and why the sector is poised to become the next battleground for big tech. 

Framing the Future of Web 3.0: Metaverse Edition

In this report, Goldman Sachs Research examines how the gaming/media landscape has already shown some key elements as to how the Metaverse might evolve and how themes such as decentralized web activity and virtual experiences could become hallmarks of many of the next wave of computing in Web 3.0.

Understanding the Metaverse and Web 3.0

The “metaverse” has captured the imagination of technology investors, but what is it, and what does it signal for the next era of computing? In this episode of Exchanges at Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs Research's Eric Sheridan examines how the blending of elements of the physical and digital worlds via virtual reality, augmented reality, gaming and immersive online communities is contributing to the rise of a more decentralized Web 3.0.

Blockchain and the Decentralized Web

Digital Assets: Beauty Is Not in the Eye of the Beholder

The digital asset ecosystem is extremely complex and rapidly evolving. However, should cryptocurrencies be considered a viable asset class for diversified portfolios? Read our latest report to learn more.

Crypto: A New Asset Class?

Should cryptocurrencies be considered an institutional asset class? That’s the question Goldman Sachs’ Allison Nathan explores on this episode of Exchanges at Goldman Sachs in conversations with Galaxy Digital’s Michael Novogratz, NYU’s Nouriel Roubini and Goldman Sachs’ Mathew McDermott.

What’s Next for Central Bank Digital Currencies

Goldman Sachs Research’s David Mericle, chief US economist, discusses why central banks are considering digital currencies and the potential implications for the financial system and monetary and fiscal policy.