With Marquee, Institutions Access Data, Cutting-Edge Ideas From Goldman Sachs

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In 2014, Goldman Sachs makes a wealth of proprietary insights and analytics available to its institutional clients with the launch of Marquee. With the ability to integrate directly with clients’ own technology platforms via APIs, Marquee offers access to the firm’s market insights, analytics tools, execution capabilities, and data and developer services. 

In the early 1990s, a team of Goldman Sachs “strats” — multi-disciplinary specialists in quantitative finance, engineering, and technology — developed a groundbreaking, integrated risk management platform capable of aggregating trading risks across the entire firm. The proprietary software was called Securities Database but was known internally as SecDB

At the same time that Goldman Sachs was deploying innovative technology across internal functions, the firm also recognized the value of being able to connect with clients and share information with them electronically. In 1995, it launched GS Financial WorkbenchSM, a website that both clients and employees could use to download research reports, access earnings and valuation models, submit trades, monitor accounts, build and view presentations, calculate derivative prices and view market data.

As a next step in this evolution, the firm’s strats worked to find ways to better connect clients with the content, analytical tools and data used internally in the firm. They accomplished this by integrating application program interfaces (APIs) into the platform so that it could tie in with end users’ own systems. This effort culminated in the launch of Marquee on June 30, 2014. Through Marquee, the firm could now offer clients access to the same pricing data, risk models, and proprietary datasets used by Goldman Sachs traders and risk managers. Marquee was both broad and deep, with more than 20 years of historical data for select asset classes.

In addition to current and historical market data, Marquee users can also access research reports from the firm’s Global Investment Research Division (GIR), specific trade ideas from Securities Division (SecDiv) traders, powerful analytics and charting tools, and execution services.

Marquee is just one manifestation of how Goldman Sachs drives client impact through leading-edge technology — in this instance, by using it to help institutions navigate the markets, better manage risk, and make more informed investment and trading decisions.


This article was originally published as part of a series commemorating the 150th anniversary of Goldman Sachs' founding in 1869.