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Engineering Quantum Algorithms

Goldman Sachs introduces quantum algorithms developed by its Research and Development Engineering team that could allow the firm to price financial instruments at quantum speeds.

Quantum algorithms could do complex financial calculations with blazing speed. Finance was one of the first domains to embrace Big Data, and the drive to innovate continues. Much of the science behind the pricing of financial assets involves simulating large numbers of different statistical possibilities, the forte of quantum computing.

In the financial markets, computing speed is a giant advantage. That’s why Goldman Sachs has brought on foremost researchers to guide the firm in harnessing the power of quantum computing and applying it to our processes. Our engineers are hard at work developing tools that will help rapidly assess the markets and, at times, alter the way we price some financial instruments. Only time can tell what the future will hold in this space, but current research suggests that the application of quantum computing in financial markets could dramatically change the speed and accuracy of our business.

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