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09 NOV 2023 Goldman Sachs Research

Macro Outlook 2024: The Hard Part is Over

Goldman Sachs Research expects several tailwinds to global growth in 2024, including strong real household income growth, a smaller drag from monetary and fiscal tightening, a recovery in manufacturing activity, and an increased willingness of central banks to deliver insurance cuts if growth slows.

14 NOV 2023 Goldman Sachs Research

US Economics Analyst: 2024 US Economic Outlook: Final Descent

Goldman Sachs Research expects GDP to grow 1.8% in 2024 on a Q4/Q4 basis (or 2.1% on a full-year basis), again easily beating low consensus expectations. Our economists forecast just under 2% consumption growth, with real disposable income growth of nearly 3% partly offset by a 1pp rise in the saving rate and expect the FOMC to deliver its first rate cut in 2024Q4 once core PCE inflation falls below 2.5%.

14 NOV 2023 Goldman Sachs Research

European Economics Analyst: UK Outlook 2024: Not So Different After All

Goldman Sachs Research expects UK growth to improve modestly in 2024 as real disposable income rises and the growth drag from the BoE’s tightening diminishes. Our economists look for growth of 0.6% next year, slightly above consensus.

21 NOV 2023 Goldman Sachs Research

2024 US Equity Outlook: “All You Had To Do Was Stay”

Goldman Sachs Research forecasts the S&P 500 index will end 2024 at 4700, representing a 12-month price gain of 5% and a total return of 6% including dividends.